4 Essential Qualities of Construction Workers

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5 Sep 2014  |  0 Comments

Construction work is not for the faint of heart. It’s a high risk job, but not without its rewards. The pride and satisfaction in working with your hands and building structures that are useful to people are more than enough to make up for the physical and mental demands that come with the job.

If you thrive in physical and outdoor work more than most people, there are plenty of job opportunities for you, especially in Sydney’s booming construction industry. But before venturing in any of these careers, you must possess certain qualities and skills, which are requisites for the job. These skills and qualities can be acquired through education, training and experience.

  • In-depth knowledge in handling tools and equipment

Construction labour hire workers must have intensive knowledge in operating and using materials, mechanical tools and machineries for building, repair and restoration of structural developments.

  • Good hand-eye and body coordination

Excellent hand-eye coordination is required in construction and many other industries like traffic control as this enables labourers to perform certain tasks, such as moving, grasping or assembling objects with both hands. People seeking construction jobs must also have excellent multi-limb or body coordination to help them carry out tasks that require standing, sitting or lying down. And because construction work requires extensive physical labour, such as digging, lifting, climbing, bending and operating power tools and machineries, workers should be physically fit to help them perform demanding or multiple tasks, accurately and efficiently.

  • Excellent reading and analytical skills

Part of the construction process is reading and reviewing blueprints that show how the job must be completed. To be able to interpret the blueprints effectively, workers must have good analytical, reading and mathematical skills. These qualities are vital to determine accurate adjustments, interpret designs and calculate measurement and angles.  

  • Problem solving skills

Problem solving is required daily in the construction business, from dealing with unexpected scenarios, to minimising delays and mistakes in building a project. This is the reason leading labour hire companies in Sydney look for workers who possess this skill as it’s vital in controlling expenses and in completing the job on schedule. If the workers are good at problem solving, they can perform the tasks with efficiency and under minimal supervision.


Possessing these qualities and skills will open a myriad of job opportunities for you in the construction business. However, if you lack these skills, it’s never too late to develop them through proper training and education.

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